ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD 08/23/1949 - 09/26/2017 & DYAN                 

Cheridani, Ebens, Felines - Page 3

CHERIDANI The Kebbens were the creators of the Cheridani Zeta race, using 50% of their own DNA; because of this they have two different skin colors, the gold skin and the bluish-gold skin.  Their average height is between 4' to 5' tall. Their  home planet is in the Reticuli sector.  They are quite intelligent and most often scientists on ships or on thier home planet.  Those who have reported having contact with them are usually engineers, scientists and some medical technicians.  They are not aggressive unless threatened.  Those who have experienced them through the sculptures say they are very shy, yet they feel unconditional love from them  and an eagerness to share their technology.  They have taught me how to open my heart to give and receive unconditional love. Despite their appearance, they are one of the most loving beings with a child-like innocence.

CHERIDANI:     $125.00 plus shipping

EBENS  are said to be from the Zeta 

Reticuli star group....(there are) two suns together. 

Their  height ranges from 3'4" to 3'8", with some exceptions.  Their skin is more of a tan and butterscotch blend in color, and like most Zetas, they wear black lens protection over their slightly protruding round eyes.  It is said that in 1965 the US Government entered into a program referred to as  Project SERPO, which was an exchange program in which 12 humans and  12 Ebens exchanged planets to learn more about the planet and it's inhabitants.

EBENS:    $50.00 plus shipping

FELINE (Cat Beings) When I (Dyan) decided to make the sculpture for the Feline I did not have much to go on. Next, images of the Feline started coming through my third eye, sitting down to start sculpting was another challenge. With help of the Feline frequency coming thru her sculpture took form. Felines come from Lyra and Erra. They were here during the Atlantian, and ancient Egyptian periods. They are returning to Earth as our frequency has risen. Overall the Feline temperament is warm and gentle, They are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play.  True to domestic cats they are curious and inquisitive. Their power does not come from their advancements but from the pure light within them.

FELINE $95.00