ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD & DYAN                


 As with other such similar experiences, I felt myself being pulled by my chest out of my bed and into the sky.  And, as always, I found myself headed towards a bright, white light in space. In my past experiences, I would wake up at this point with no memory of any of this other than being pulled into the sky toward the light. Last night, however, was different. I found myself at the base of a spaceship that was maroon in color and made of something metallic. I could not see entirety of the ship. I only recall seeing the portion of the outside that was circular hatch opening up to admit me onto the ship. I felt very much at home though. When I entered the ship, I went to an area with a maroon/red floor that was circular with handrails throughout. I thought it was strange that there was so many handrails.  The area was designed like a food court, and there were many, many women and children in the area.  Some of the women and children were sitting in the center of the area, which had tables and chairs, and others were in the surrounding area that looked to be a large open den or play area where the children were running around. Although no one seemed surprised that I was there, I had a sense hat not everyone knew who I was. I noticed that, other than me, there was no men in the area, only women and children (both boys and girls). By the way , all women and children were Caucasian. The atmosphere was light and joyful. Some of the women and children appeared eager to speak to me, although I don't know why. I remember sitting down at one of the tables where a women and child were sitting and introducing myself.  The women responded by saying to the effect. "Of course, we know you". At that point, I found myself back in bed. The odd word that kept ringing in my ears over and over again were "Arcturians!" Until you and I spoke, I had no idea what Arcturians were. Here is the website that I was reading from about Arcturians:  http:/www/floatingworld. org/Arcturians.htm.



Cynthia - I just let my son read the experiences below. He came to me all excited and said that he would wake up in the night ant the sculptures hands were down like it was getting up. That happened several times. Then he told me that he once woke up to it standing on the table. He figured he was just imagining it and never told me.



Dear Cynthia - The Blue Lady arrived on Thursday.  I was so excited, and when I took her out of the box she looked stunning, much more beautiful than I could have imagined - really spectacular. So, I just held her and after a while I felt vibration and changes of temperature in my body. Then later that night the Lady showed me that she was taking me out of the box, and that would have to done gradually, and I would need some cleaning up.  Since then other things that cannot really be expressed with words.  I will send you a proper photo of the Blue Lady with me holding her in January, the earliest appointment I could get at the photographers. In  the meantime, I enclose one I took. I have to travel again tomorrow, and wouldn't risk taking the sculpture, in case it got damaged, so I will print out the photograph and take that. - Thank you seems inadequate word to say how grateful I am to you for making available to us your unique abilities, your kindness and wisdom.