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      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD & DYAN                

Planets page 3

ORAL is a planet two universes away from Earth, in the Calston Galaxy.  The planet itself can turn many colors, it has a blue sun and multiple moons. Beautiful lakes and forests are prevalent.  Oral supports many species of beings of all sizes.  The children of this planet are sent to the planet Calston to be raised and educated. The children have frequent visits from their families and friends. Oral is about the size of our planet Saturn and always has a controlled mild temperature.

VULCAN is in the Mistori/Ionious solar system, it is located in the Milky Way galaxy.  This solar system is composed of a sun and eight planets. Vulcan greys come from this planet. The planet is mostly forest with many lakes.

XORAS  is in a solar system two universes away. If we could see the solar system's sun which it has many, we would see them in the fall months in the Eatern sky from atop of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. Xoras is a sapphire blue planet with a garnet red sky. The sky is very sparkly which brings a certain brightness to the planet.  The hues of the planet are that of rich gems. Xora has an extremely large, cold water lake, abound with mercaba shaped crystals.  Howevers, caution is required when in the immediate vicinity of the vortex (whirlpool) that exists in the lake.  The opposite side of the planet is very hot and few life forms live comfortably in such an environment. There are areas on Xoras where life forms do thrive. Many build and live in comfortable homes made of a cloth-like material. This material, although pliable, is very robust and difficult to destroy. The beings on this planet have a horse shaped head with a mane and exhibit very large, lion or cat like feet.  They wear long clocks made of a linen like material in very rich gem colors. These beings grow to be 10 to 20 feet tall.  The beings on this planet like to have fun and be joyful! however, when they travel to other planets,  they like to taken seriously. They have come to Earth many times, they call us the ("heart people") but do not especially care to live here; they come for knowledge. When they do participate in extra steller travel, they utilize worm holes, in conjunction with crafts that appear somewhat like dragons.