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Planets page 2

ERRA is in the Taurus constellation, 65 light years from Earth. It has one sun named Taygeta and is associated with the Pleiades Star system. Erra is a warm planet containing plenty of moisture, like Earth it has many temperature zones. Lyrians and Pleiadians are found to dwell on Erra. Pleiadians have  humanoid features, are kind, loving and are helping us on Earth at this time. Lyrians are known to be from Lyra, also known to be the Feline and the Lion race.  There are also many forms of animal life on Erra

LYRA is n the Vega star system and is visible from the northern hemisphere from spring through autumn and nearly overhead in temperate latitudes. Vega is the sun for Lyra, this is the third brightest star in the northern hemisphere. Lyra is approximately 1200 light years away from Earth.  THe Feline and Lion race originally lived on the planet Lyra. They have also been known to live on Erra.  The Felines and Lion race have visited Earth on many occasions, we are familiar with Sekmet (the head of the Lion race) in ancient Egypt.  Sekmet is still very powerful today.  Other races have also been known to have come from Lyra.

NIBIRU is the home of the Annunaki. It is more a ship than a planet.  The beings live inside where they produce food and other life essentials.  The ship is red in color with a significant debris trail, giving Nibiru its name "The Winged Planet".  It has a golden shield around the circumference of the outer shell, which is the about the size of Jupiter. Its orbit passes through our solar system approximately every 3,600 years.  Many say the Annunaki started some human species, here on Earth.