ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD & DYAN                

STAR PLANETS  by Dyan                                                     "Do you know where your from"

ARCTURAS is a fifth dimensional frequency Planet. Once like Earth, Arcturas is a bright star in the Bootes Constellation with one great central sun.  The Planet is blue with horizons of reeish violet frequency.  Arcturas is 36 light years from our solar system.  The Archturians have a philosophy of healing and compassion.  They do not eat but ingest energy.   Most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is Love.

BETAX is on the far side of our Universe, it is 129,000 light years from Earth. It goes around the sun Iris in the Corelein Galaxy. There are 13 planets that have their orbits around Iris, most have Greek alphabet names.  Which raises the question, were the beings from Betax on Earth before?  Betax is green in color, with aqua sky when seen from space. It has stars of different colors, and 2 moons. Betax has many forests, pastures and lakes and is a constant 82 degreees. The beings from this planet know themselves by frequency and are usually in energy form.  They can take a form when they like usually for celebrations where they dress in many different colors and style outfits.  They live in underground dwellings or in beautiful caves.

CRYSTAL PLANET can be seen from Earth and orbits one of the brighter stars in the western sky. The people of this planet reach Earth through a portal.  When you come int view of this planet from space it looks like diamonds, for it is made up of crystals.  This planet is the approximate size of Jupiter, with two moons and two suns.  There is one superior type being who resides on this planet, they are tall, white in color and have no hair.  They eat a vegetarian type diet.