ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD & DYAN                

Tall Orange Zeta,Tall White Zeta & Zuma Zeta Page 8

TALL ORANGE ZETA  are said to allegedly be the creators of the "greys", according to some people who have read information while working for  the US Government.  They claim that they have been visiting  Earth for over a century.  They vary in height from 3.5' tall to over 5' and are very thin but have an average size head, unlike most Zetas whose head are abnormally large.  They are very skittish but curious, and not known to be mischievous.  They have been spotted all over the world but seem to be seen especially in mountainous areas.  Those who have experienced them say they are benevolent and non-aggressive.


TALL WHITE ZETA are one of the highest spiritual beings in the the Reticuli sector.  They are often over 6' tall with glowing white skin and very light-sensitive eyes, which is why they wear the black lenses over their eyes.  They are my  (Cynthia) spiritual teachers that help me continue my mission on Earth, and also show up in every aura picture I've ever had taken of me.  Those who have experienced them are people of very high spiritual ethics, and many report that they get guidance from them during times of turmoil, depression and stress, as well as incredible love for them.

TALL WHITE ZETA:                    $95.00

TALL WHITE ZETA BUST           $85.00




XORAS BEING "Horse beings" In a recent guided meditation with a client, she saw herself as a Horse being, on a planet called Xoras.  The Horse beings had a horse shaped head and neck which was in between a horse and a seahorse. So they can live on land or in water. They had a beautiful mane and exhibited very large, lion, or cat-like feet. Their chest had a look of a dragons chest but they were not reptilian. The Horse beings were very tall, 10' to 20'.  Their clothes were linen-like in rich gem color, in fact nothing on the planet was pastel.  They strive for knowledge as they travel the universes and galaxies.  Yet, they are very joyous and loving beings, but like to be taken seriously. 

HORSE BEINGS:  $60.00 



ZUMA ZETA A.K.A. Zumaits  After a near-death experience in December of 2007, I left my body and found myself in another world in a humanoid body with Dolphin like skin of pale grayish beige, mushroom color. My forehead protruded almost like Risso's Dolphin, and my eyes sparkled like sapphires.  I was being told that I was this being before I came to Earth. These beings are from the planet Zumav and are a hybrid aquatic Zeta with webbed feet and hands, living in water or on land.  They reminded me of how to breath in water.  When one comes to me, it announces itself first with a dolphin like squeal before telepathically communicating its message.  I've been taken into the etheric realm and walked amongst several of them, feeling such incredible unconditional love as if they are all hugging me at once.  They never judge, nor are they prejudiced; they are just pure love - that which humanity need to learn from.

ZUMA ZETA:  $95.00


               ZUMA ZETA PLAQUE         $75                                     ZUMA ZETA NECKLACE    $25,00