ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD 08/23/1949 - 09/26/2017 & DYAN                

Mantis, Nebulan , ET Necklaces - Page 5

MANTIS The Ancient Greek meaning os the Mantis is divine, a being of spiritual or mystical powers. Mantis Beings, also known as Antaiens or the Kageush, are said to be a highly evolved race of Insectoids.  Those found around the Superstition Mountains and throughout Arizona say they are ite Cibians from the planet Cibia. They all look similar to the Praying Mantis insect, even some appearing as glowing plasma, while others are reported to have humanoid bodies with mantis faces.  Their height ranges from 4' to 9' with skin colors of beige, brown, lime green, dark emerald green, turquoise, deep violet blue, gold or white. They exude feelings of immense love and peace and known to be healers.

MANTIS:   $85.00

MANTIS NECKLACE:  $25.00 (includes chain)



These Supreme Nebulans  are the teachers of the Healers that come to Earth, They overlook the Nebulans.  The Black cloaked Nebulan is helping the Healers.

and the Violet one overlooks the Keepers of High Places

They show their red eyes and hands.

 NEBULAN HEALER (brownish black )works with the Galactic Federation agreeing to heal those people or beings, when very ill or dying, who have very important missions to do.  They have also been known to revive people with several minutes of being pronounced dead.   The Nebulan Healers come from a planet that is mostly barren, rocky, dark grayish-black with little green.  They usually are about 7' to 8' feet tall and wear dark brownish black hooded robes.  No one knows for sure what they look like, for they always keep their faces hidden, however some people say they are plasmic forms with eyes that glow.  If you should see them, send love and appreciation for they may have saved your life, or assisted you at some time in the past, perhaps in the future. 


NEBULANS: $65.00

TEACHER OF THE MASTERS (white) Very high frequency, the teacher of the Masters they are Masters themselves.  They are here to help us learn to be Masters.  They also protect and teach the Masters.  Their robes are Gold. Teachers: Black Robes 




The  Gold robed Master is "Master Teacher of the Masters" he  teaches advanced mastery to those who are already Masters.

The Black robed Master prepares those humans who are ready to become Masters.




from top -left to right.....








Small Necklaces w/chain: $25.00


 Sekhmet Necklaces w/chain $35.00 -