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      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD & DYAN                

  Zeta, Hathor, Tall White, Ka-Tsa-Hyan & Keben Page 4

Grey Zeta Hybrid, they are very playful

 ZETTA HYBRID  There are several groups of Zeta Reticulan greys, also known as insectoids and many are hybrids of other races.  They range in height from 3' to 6' tall, with skin colors varying from a pearly whitish-gray, blue gray or green gray and some with skin texture similar to Dolphin.  The smaller ones are known as help-mates to other groups in the Galactic Federation, especially the Pleiadians and some Sirians.  Others are scientists, geneticists and explorers. It has been said that some of the bad Reptilians and Dracronians working with Earth's Secret Governments will shape-shift to look like greys so that the real greys will be feared and blamed for horrific experiments and probing done to humans.  It has been said that all the Zeta's emotions were removed through genetic manipulation, which is why they are more pragmatic, and that only the hybrids are known to have child-like, benevolent and loving emotions.

  ZETA HYBRID:    $120.00

                                                               ZETA SMALL $85.00

zeti come in many colors

Zeta Grey Necklace



Hathors are here to help us with healing with music, she was a goddess in ancient Eygpt

HATHORS are an ascended, energetic and inter-dimensional civilization.  They are intergalactic and have outposts that span parts of our universe and beyond.  The Hathors came through Sirius which is a portal to our universe and the etheric realms of Venus.  In the past they worked through the fertility goddess of Ancient Egypt.  They have a very strong feminine presence.  The Hathors are "healers of healers" using sound therapy in their healing process.  Hathors are serving us in our evolution and ascension.  They are helping us to achieve our self-awareness and our elevation on all conscientious levels.

HATHORS:  $110.00

KA-TSA-HAYAN  beings are related to the Keben.  They are a smaller Zeti native to Serpo-Tavah, a small planet in the Reticuli. Their height ranges from 3' to 4' tall, with skin color of pearly grayish green, or pearly gold and up to a deeper gray.  Their skin texture is similar to Dolphin. Their heads are more elongated than  most Zeti, but not quite as elongated as the Nefilim. Not much is known about them since they have only recently been observed by a small number of people. However, they are believed to be scientists, engineers and teachers. Some people have reported seeing this being on ships. Normally they are very shy beings, but now since they are more people spiritually evolving and wanting to help humanity, the Ka-Tsa-Hayans have been working with them to assist them in engineering devices for healing and helping humanity.

KA-TSA-HAYAN:       $ 115.00

Keben are very powerful, they are an hybrid of Zeta

KEBEN race of Zetas. The sculpture is from an actual encounter with Commander Kenyo Ceto in 2007. The Keben race is a hybrid between one Zeta group and another group of beings from Betegueuse in the Orion Star System.  Their average height is about 5' tall, very stocky built with thick muscular necks. They are known for their advancement in all areas of science and technology. Although they are in alliance with the Galatic Federation, they are not an aggressive  group but are not likely to step down when confronted over a situation. They are very diplomatic but firm on their stand, and definitely not the emotional type. You might say that they are very military regimented, and unless they are being challenged or threatened, they usually won't get involved in other planetary systems.

KEBEN:   $195.00