ET Sculptors  "Working with the Star Beings to help awaken humanity" 

      CYNTHIA T. CRAWFORD 08/23/1949 - 09/26/2017 & DYAN                

 Arcturians & Blue Lady - page 2


The Blue Arcturians are one of many types of Beings on their enormous planet.  They live as separate Beings but as a One Consciousness for the betterment of the whole not individual.  They are highly spiritual, telepathic, living in unconditional love in communal type homes.  THe Arcturians are teachers, coming here to help us in our spiritual ascension during very challenging times.  THose who have come to Earth in Human form are here to awaken and activate people to remember who they  are  -  spiritual beings in a human body.



B LUE LADYfrom Pleiades

The blue skin Pleiadian people are exceptionally spiritual, living in peace and unconditional Love though always beings in the Light of the Source. When I first started sculpting the Blue Lady, it was because the Blue Lady was frequently showing up in my third eye for two months. People who have   the Blue Lady have reported having transformations occur from it, feeling such incredible unconditional love that they started releasing anything they are holding onto that is keeping them from their full ascension process and awakening. Sometimes they will get communications from Isis, Mother Mary or the beautiful blue people, and sometimes  they appear in physical form. Nearly a year later, Mother Mary appeared to me in the middle of the night beside one of the Blue Lady sculptures.  The room literally glowed where she stood. She motioned the the sculpture and the Lady I make.

BLUE LADY from Pleiades:    $95.00

                                                                    Necklace $25.00